Today is the day the companions marched to Badr

The Messenger of Allah ﷺ was on Badr at a Masjid known to us today as Masjid Al-Areesh standing in a tent during the night and making duah his tears flowing out of concern, his care, his compassion on the night of the 17th Ramadan. Whilst all of his companions rested, he stood and cried in-front of Allah asking Him for victory, openings, success, mercy, blessings, and protection for his entire ummah. He ﷺ lifted his blessed arms high in supplication, tears left his beautiful eyes, and he made du’a after du’a. What did he ﷺ ask for? What did he ﷺ say? ‘O Allah, if you destroy this small group of men (313 men) then no one will worship You ever again!’ -Look at the powerful nature of that du’a!

Sayyiduna Abu Bakr May Allah be pleased with him stood and guarded the tent all night long and when he saw the Prophet ﷺ in this state, he embraced him and hugged him and told him that Allah will surely accept his du’as. That supplication was made 1400 years ago and it is only because of it that we are Muslim today. How much do we owe such a merciful master who stood for us? How much do we call unto Allah? Many of us have one million problems – Some of us have marriage problems, family problems, some of us are in debt, we can’t find a job and others of us don’t have children- The night of Badr teaches us that nothing is impossible. Cry in front of your Lord with brokenness, faith, iman, and with certitude – and Allah will give you solutions, gift you with openings, and grant you everything that you need Insha-Allah.

May Allah empower us with his Noble Qur’an and the blessed Traditions of the Prophet Mohammad ﷺ and increases his mercy in this month of a Ramadaan for us and all Muslims in the world Insha-Allah.

These are all the pics of the Area of Badr today (Taken on Jan 2020)

Imam Moghamed Davids